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ON-Ramp Finance page



Welcome to the ON-RAMP finance orientation page.

Here are some suggestions and a couple links to get you started in finding the wealth of financial information available here on the net.

First is a suggestion that you get your start by setting up a remote email address. 

Go to or, or any of the other free providers on the net.  Then set up an alternate remote email address that you can use, free, to store your entire email specific to your financial interests.  This will allow you to control your time and view your financial information when you are ready to concentrate or learn. 

Many of the financial sites on the Internet provide a free newsletter.  I like the free ones from CBS Market Watch and TechNews, sponsored by the Washington Post.  They both require you to complete a free registration. 

You can also subscribe to the 'online' edition of the Wall Street Journal.  They provide a free two-week trial and then it is $79 per year.

My favorite stock market guru is at  They offer a free email alert that is generated whenever they feel like it.  You might like his free style and loose approach.  Their style does not follow the majority of the market advisors.  You will need to do the research and find what works best for you. 

If you are just finding an interest in the investment world several sites have pages designed to help you learn.  Here is one Motley  Go ahead, become a "fool", I did years ago.  They also have an excellent newsletter that you can have sent to your remote email box.
An excellent finance site is also at  In the upper left quadrant of their opening page is a link titled simply "finance" click on it and a new page follows.  About one third of the way down the page on the left side will be another link titled "education", click on that link.  There you will find many links to both long and short articles that will help you learn about investing.  They offer lots of real information also.  Here are some sample links from their finance page:

Stock Research Reports, Screener, Financials...
Financial News Business Week, Smart Money, Forbes,

Each of these links will take you to another page full of links and information.

Once you have selected a stock to watch you need to find a site that will let you watch the action, so to speak.  Try  They do require you to register but they are free and have much additional information. 

For a broker look at  and  These guys are only good if you want to make your own choices and not be swayed by the broker/salesmen of the big box houses.  The cost of doing trades is also very manageable here.

Here are some additional links for you to follow to more information that you can use to find your own investment information sources.