Hiking Cape Blanco on May 6, 2004
Picture take with a C-700 Olympus with 10 optical

Started my Hike from the parking lot east of the Hugh house.   Geese floating the Sixes river. Was about a quarter of mile from the mouth of the River.   Sixes River  dams up naturally most years.  On this day Just a small opening at the mouth.  Below picture will show.
Taken with 27 digital Zoom

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Taken at about 75 yards.  Used a log for a tripod.  Touch the picture of with Jasc 8 photo program.

At the Mouth of the Sixes . Notice the Seals and Gulls.  Took pictures as I got closer. The picture was taken resting on a log. 

Notice the Seals in the Ocean side.  In front is the Sixes .