Learning  Path(route) in your home PC
 What do we mean by Path?  Remember every thing we store in our PC is put
into "My Documents".  Path is  how  we  get  to a  folder.(directions)  This is a Path
1.  First lets go into "My Documents" and make a folder called "Path".Path Folder

2.  Now open up the folder "Path and make a folder called "1Path".1Path folder
(To open up "Path double click on it)

3. Open up "1Path" and make a folder called "2Path".2Path folder

What is the Path of "2Path? (how do we get to "2Path")
  My Documents/Path/1Path/2Path
  Address Bar
This is the way you follow the above address.  First go to "My Computer"  then open up your "C-drive"  then open up "My Documents" then "1path" 2path"  Reminder to XP users you will have "Documents and Settings"  in your path.   Just open up "My Computer" and follow the path to 2path.
If you do not understand this Lesson go back and do Lesson one making a folder.  You have to understand path before you will be able to master your computer.  Again if you don't understand this lesson email me a walt@pcnohow.us and I will call or email you.