Making a Folder in "My documents"
First three steps are to locate
My Documents. XP users go to
start/My documents!  If you
know where My documents are, skip the first 3 steps!!!

1. Double Click on My Computer on the desktop.

2. Double Click on C/:drive

3. Double Click on(Open) "My Documents"

4. (a)Right click between folders to get drop down menu below  (Background)
If above is not clear, put cursor in open spot and do a "Right Click"
(b)Move cursor to "new"on the drop down menu

(c) Move cursor to "Folder" and do a left click

5. New folder will be highlighted Go to the keyboard
And name it "Home PC" And then hit enter.
When you hit enter it becomes a Folder.

Renaming a Folder
1. Right click the folder you just made "Home PC " 
2. Move down the menu to make a left click on"Rename"
3. Type in "Home PC2" and hit enter. It now has a new name.

Deleting a folder
1.Right click on "Home PC2"
2.Select "delete" and make a left click, the folder is deleted.
Now repeat Making a folder in "My documents"  renaming
the folder  And Deleting a folder.  After doing it twice you
will see the path that  Must be followed.  Remember you can always
change the name of a Folder.
Now to practice what we have learned.
I want you to
do a folder lesson.  Click here

Courtesy of www.bandonisp.com