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Saving a Picture(file) to a folder
A computer works just like the Old Filing Cabinet. It has tabs(folders)
and between the tabs you put files(any information in text, pictures and sound.)

Now for lesson purposes only!  I want you to make a folder in My Documents called "LessonSaves"
 We will save the below picture in that Folder.

Important:  Do this lesson in Internet explore   The steps are the same in any browser, but the words might vary a little.
1. Right click on the picture below.  When the menu appears, do a left click on "Save Picture As"

The Below "Save Picture" dialog box will appear.
2. Left click Arrow
3. Select My Documents and Left click
The arrow below is hard to Teach.  Once you learn the arrow you can go anywhere in your PC!!

4.  Select "LessonSaves" by a left click.
5.  To open "LessonSaves" left click "Open"

6.  "Left Click" on Save(Wasn't that easy!!)

Next Lesson is taking "SavingToFolder" and putting it on a email
and sending it to me at:  bandonisp@gct21.net
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