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     Welcome to Bandon-On-Ramp PC tune up. The below seven steps I do with every connection. If your Computer starts up slow and is doing strange things!!  Your PC needs a Tune up.  Your car works the same way. It will run, but the performance is not there!!!!!!  Any Questions call me.  I do the below 7 steps with every connection with SouthCoastISP. I travel the South Coast from Florence to Brookings. I come to your PC and evaluate your PC before we make the connection.  Seven step PC Tune up works.  Have NO secrets!!  
     Scandisk is located in start/programs/Accessories/System Tools.  Also when in Safe mode you can go My Computer/right click C-drive/select properties/tools tab.  You can start both the Scan and Defrag.  XP will have you restart the computer in the Safe Mode and it will do a scan disk before it boots up.  98, ME you can do the Scan and Defrag with out booting up again.  
Defrag is located in start/programs/Accessories/System Tools.  How often you defrag will depends on your usage.  Please read this link before defragging. Important:  De-Frag has to be done in the  Safe Mode.    Remember Scan disk & Defrag do in the Safe Mode. How do I start my PC in Safe Mode?
Turn Screen saver off. 
                                    1. Right click on desktop
                              2. Select Properties
                      3.  Screensaver
                                    4.  Select None&Apply 
  To start 95/98/ME in Safe Mode   Click here
 To Start XP in Safe Mode               Click here
Msconfig is located start/run/type in msconfig and hit OK. Then click on startup "system configuration Utility" Click on startup"Please click here for more information on msconfig. Please click here for more information on msconfig.  If you can not access your "system configuration Utility"?  You will need the Utility tool.  Click here to download
4. ccleaner
CCleaner is a freeware system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. Additionally it contains a fully featured registry cleaner. But the best part is that it's fast (normally taking less than a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware! :)  
CCleaner - Freeware Windows Optimization
5. Spyware
Go to the below sites to download Adware, Spybot and SpyBlaster
Spybot          Click here
SpyBlaster   Click here
      Important!!  All three programs need to be updated. Once a month just open the programs and click on update.    Directions  click here 
        Spyware is a relatively new kind of threat that common anti-virus applications do not yet cover. If you see new toolbars in your Internet Explorer that you didn't intentionally install, if your browser crashes, or if your browser start page has changed without your knowing, you most probably have spyware. But even if you don't see anything, you may be infected, because more and more spyware is emerging that is silently tracking your surfing behavior to create a marketing profile of you that will be sold to advertisement companies.
Spybot-S&D is free, so there's no harm in trying to see if something snooped into your computer, too?   64 MB memory recommended

          What is Spyware and how to detect it?? Spyware is Internet jargon for Advertising Supported software (Adware). It is a way for shareware authors to make money from a product, other than by selling it to the users. There are several large media companies that offer them to place banner ads in their products in exchange for a portion of the revenue from banner sales. This way, you don't have to pay for the software and the developers are still getting paid. If you find the banners annoying, there is usually an option to remove them, by paying the regular licensing fee. More information  Click here
To see if you have any Parasites   Click here.  Use your Internet Explorer to view this page.  When the page loads up it will tell you if you have any trojans or spyware on your computer.  It does not work using Mozilla, remember go to the site using Internet Explorer
6. SeaMonkey Firefox Browser

 To download Firefox  click here  and  SeaMonkey click here
My favorite Browser is SeaMonkey.  It has a mail client included with the Browser.
 7. Anti-virus and Firewall
Here are two free anti-virus program: Avg Anti-virus and Avast Anti-virus Call me if you have any questions.  Will assist you on the download.  Update you anti-virus once a week by double clicking on the square Icon in your task bar.  Click on Update manager/update now/ and say yes to the firewall.  Say Ok to the two dialog boxes that come up.  Remember once a week update the Anti-virus. For your firewall here are two choices:   Zone Alarm, Outpost  Tiny Personal DO NOT OPEN ANY ATTACHMENTS   Remember how some viruses work.   Some viruses infect your address book(Outlook Express) and mail everyone in your address book a email.  Again do not open ATTACHMENTS.  And do not download any toolbars.(Most Toolbars are spyware) Remember when you accept a download you are wide open for a virus. Have been told that a good Firewall is more important then a Virus program.   I advise you to have both!!! 
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