On-Ramp                 Building a Web site on gct21.net
If you have a Digital Camera and want a tool to share with friends and family?
Our webspace can replace all the photo downloading programs offered on the Internet. 
We have NO pop-ups or ads when using the Webspace that comes with our connection.
For more information call Toll Free 1-877-564-9093
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          How Do I use my webspace?
Step 1.  You can make a request via e-mail(support@connectto.net)
or by phone 1-877-586-3538 to enable your webspace.

Once the webspace is enabled your URL will be this:  http://www.gct21.net/ ~your username
You will use the same password for your dial up account to FTP into your space.
FTP information:
DNS: Primary is: ns1.gct21.net or
Secondary is: ns2.gct21.net or
Your will need to use an FTP program, there are many free ones availabe.

Step 2
     Need a FTP program contact me.
  and I will recommend one. 

Step 3.  connecting with  FTP Program    A look at a Ftp program
This step teaches you how to configure your FTP program.   If you
cannot connect you are
not ready for step 4.  After connecting you
are ready for the next step.

Step 4. Making a Folder on your 20MB of webspace  Click here

After you have made one folder.  I advise you to make two or three more

folders(Albums)  to learn the path of your PC and  FTP  program.    Once
you are comfortable with making and sharing folders you are ready to use
the Mozilla Composer.  If  you are new to building a web site  follow  each
step.  Do not skip a step.  Now download Mozilla 1.7   Click here

Step 5.
Building with Mozilla composer  Click here
The FTP program will be use in publishing to your webspace.  Mozilla will
publish also, but for teaching purposes I advise you not to publish with Mozilla.

Do not publish in Mozilla.  The composer is what you use to write(html)
your web pages.  This is just for teaching purposes so you feel comfortable
in publishing your first few pages.

Examples of what you can do
with Mozilla!  Both links below
are done in the Mozilla composer.

Oregon Coast views
Selma slide show

1. E-mail: support@connectto.net
    Phone gct21.net at 1-877-586-3538 to enable your account.
2. Download a FTP program.
3. Configure and connect your FTP program
4. Make a Folder on your 20MB of webspace.
5. The tutorial is on the Mozilla composer. 
    Down load Mozilla  and then go to Step 5

          Mozilla requires 98 windows with  64  ram.
                Questions please fee free to contact me.

What do I have to know to start publishing a web site?
  You need to  learn the 3R'S of the PC.  The below three
lessons.  You need to  Store, find and  insert  information
1. Making a folder
2. Saving a file(text,images or voice)
3. Learn to insert a file on to your document(web page,email)

                                      The below pages were done 
                                     with  our 20MB of web space.  I am
                                            using Mozilla Composer.
Queen Babe
Mozilla pages
Cape Blanco
Shore Acres
Customers sites
Picnic Blanco
Beach Loup RD
MVR Ranch
Bandon Sunrise
Blanco Sunsets
Longwood Gardens
Rock Hounds
Winter Warmth
Christmas Cactus
Bandonisp Customer
Bandon Sunset
                      Picture links below   Click on pictures

Gull flying the Coquille river with Lighthouse in background
Coquille Lighthouse at sunset.
Sunset at Cape Blanco
This web page was built with Mozilla composer and put up on the Internet with a FTP program.
The above links and picture links are done with free software that can be downloaded free
here on the Internet.  With a connection with Bandonisp(GCT) you get a connection to
the Internet and a 20MB web site with  free tutorials on web building for $9.99 a month.
The Web site comes with the monthly charge for access to the Internet.  Yes it is just
$9.99 a month.
        Email  me if you have any questionsThanks for the visit!